‘Change Is The Only Constant’ goes a saying and we at iDream Media Inc abide by it. We are one of the fastest growing digital media companies in the industry and if you are keen on exploring the digital entertainment space, then we’ll enable you to give your thoughts a proper shape. At iDream Media Inc, we strive to deliver innovative entertainment experience for our viewers and clients.


    A Bustling Creative Space

  • We at iDream Media believe in experimenting a lot with ideas and at any given point, there are multiple projects running simultaneously within the company. As digital media continues to make inroads, we are looking for various creative methods to entertain and enlighten the audience. We encourage our employees, especially in the creative team, to come up with original ideas – be it interview series, short films, web series or weekly video features, there’s a lot that happens in our firm. If you have an idea, then iDream Media gives it a complete shape.
  • A Vibrant Young Team

  • Our employees come from various backgrounds and boast of different skills set and interest. And there’s space for everyone in the digital media, which is already vying to take away a huge chunk of market space from traditional media.
  • A State Of The Art Studio Facility

  • Our new state of the art studio facility has features to facilitate content creation right from its inception to the stage of its release. We have an in-house dubbing studio, green matte studio and editing suites to create all sorts of original video content.
  • Close Ties With The Film Industry

  • Apart from digital media, iDream Media Inc is also into movie distribution in the overseas market. In the recent past, we have distributed several Telugu films in the US region. Over the years, we have built close ties with several leading production houses in Telugu film industry and today, we are one of the most reliable brands in the movie distribution business.


If you are interested to look for an exciting career in digital media, then iDream Media offers you an entire gamut of options to explore the entertainment space. We are currently hiring for various professional and managerial roles. For more details, please click on the positions we are hiring for.