Welcome to iDream Media

Our journey at iDream Media started with showcasing our extensive content library including 2500+ movies, quickly adding audio launches, movie functions and other live events. Our long form interviews started a trend, pushing the boundaries of journalism and adding intrinsic value to pop culture conversations. Soon after we started our original content and soon enough that started spreading smiles.

We haven’t looked back since, with our creative teams comprising of writers, directors, editors, actors, camera teams, design, content and social media teams to bring to life the stories and series we watch and enjoy in many different channels. From YouTube, we went on to do Television and now to making our presence felt on OTT platforms and this journey is only getting bigger, better and stronger.

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Chinna Vasudeva Reddy Founder & Chairman

iDream Movies to iDream News, our Events in USA, and the 250+ channels owned by us are a call to the future, in terms of content, entertainment, vision, narrative and formats.